Hand wash

Maintaining the shine of your cutlery requires proper care and attention. We recommend hand washing as the preferred method, which not only ensures cleanliness but also keeps your cutlery looking its best. When hand washing, it is advisable to avoid using scouring pads, bleach detergents, and sodium. Additionally, promptly rinse off any food residue or wash your cutlery immediately after use, as prolonged exposure to salts and food acids can cause damage. To preserve the quality of your cutlery, refrain from leaving it soaking and make sure to dry it right away using a soft cloth.


If you prefer to use a dishwasher, you can still keep these guidelines in mind for optimal care. Select gentle detergents with a phosphate level below 3% and avoid those containing sodium, as aggressive detergents can harm your cutlery. Utilize dishwashing programs with a low temperature of 40ºC or less, if available, and check if your dishwasher offers an eco-friendly program with similar settings. Before loading the cutlery into the dishwasher, remember to rinse off any food residue to prevent damage caused by salts and food acids (such as mayonnaise, vinegar, or mustard). It is important to avoid washing your cutlery together with utensils of lower steel quality, as chemical reactions can leave marks on the steel. Once the dishwasher cycle is complete, remove the pieces promptly and towel dry them to prevent any water spots and maintain their shine. It is recommended not to leave your cutlery to cool in the dishwasher and to remove any water spots using a soft cloth.

We do not recommend to use the dish washer for any cutlery with wood/marble trim as the high heat can damage and warp this material.

Lastly, for the initial use of your cutlery, we recommend carefully hand washing it before the first use to ensure its cleanliness and readiness for your dining pleasure.

We hope these instructions help you in caring for your cutlery and maintaining its shine and quality for years to come.